Local Greens

We serve freshly made, organic salads, rice bowls and wraps and soups with scratch made dressings and sauces.

Our Philosophy
At Local Greens we believe that satisfying, filling, delicious food can also be healthy.
Eating Healthy can positively change the way we live and improve the health of our community.
We prepare our food conscientiously and are committed to support our local farmers, sourcing our organic products from them, and following the rule of a seasonal, sustainable table.
We passionately believe in education.
We support and work with our local schools and the local Boys and Girls Club in their effort to improve
children’s lives.
We are committed to educate our young children to make better decisions, starting with their nutrition.
We believe in leaving the lightest carbon footprint on this earth that we can.
We have built the restaurant with a reuse, recycle, repurpose and good for the environment mind-set: our walls are painted with low VOC paint, our floors are made reusing a children backyard turf, our benches and tables were built with repurpose and recycle in mind.
All our lights are energy efficient LED and fluorescent.
At Local Greens we use 100% plant based compostable and recyclable packaging only, and even our food waste gets repurposed to feed the pigs and piglets at a local farm!
Eat healthy and remember,
“The journey is the reward”
-The Tao-

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