Cane Patch Kitchen

Cane Patch Kitchen offers a rich authentic blend of creole and southern cuisines tastefully known as Creole Soul. From the gumbo to the sweet potato pie, all dishes are prepared from family recipes that date back to 1912. Owners Ebony Broadway and Tony Smalls take pride in serving the same great taste with each dish remembered from their respective childhoods in Shreveport, Louisiana and the Low Country of South Carolina as taught to them by the elders in their families. To accomplish this same great taste, all food is prepared with fresh ingredients daily. Our meats are seasoned with the owners’ proprietary blend of tastebud tantalizing spices, and either hand breaded and flashed fried; or grilled to perfection. As much as possible Cane Patch Kitchen uses locally-sourced vegetables from partnerships with local farmers. We do not cut corners with our food. To bring you the flavors and rich textures our families have enjoyed for generations, we must maintain heritage and integrity with each meal that we serve.