Bistro Europa

Hi! We’re Kama and Chafic. We came to San Diego as international students over 20 years ago and have worked in the hospitality industry ever since.  We fell in love with San Diego, California, and the way to create great client experience through all our hard work. Every summer, we would travel to Europe to visit new places, explore different cultures, and try the best food. That inspired us to always be looking for ways on how traditional food innovates on modern needs and styles, and thus Bistro Europa was born.‍

The foundation of European food starts with an amazing bread.  Other important components are high quality products, fresh ingredients, innovative recipes, to create delightful flavors…..That’s what we aim to do every day!

We founded Bistro Europa so we could bring some of the best flavors of Europe to California for all travelers to enjoy, no matter where they’ve been. We hope you love our food and that we bring a little adventurer spirit to your journey, so you can be fun, be fresh, and be creative 🙂